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Dorsoduro 99 (2)

Euro 378.000,00


extrinsic characteristics: It is a rectangular building with a structure bearing masonry, pitched roof covered with tiles and exterior trim with plaster painted to civil, where it is present. The building, residential, It is on four floors above ground and is characterized by the presence of three unit housing; the connection between the various floors is by a stairwell common. The state outside of the building maintenance is poor. Intrinsic features: The apartment, located on the third floor and having height internal profit of mt. 2.14, has a normal light on three sides where they are placed windows. The apartment consists of: entrance, bathroom, kitchen, three rooms, a windowless room, but in which there is a skylight, and a utility room. On the entrance ceiling is a trap door that leads presumably in an attic area. As for the features and finish the apartment features: or terrazzo flooring in the entrance to the Venetian and four rooms; ceramic floor in the bathroom and in the kitchen; wrought concrete and linoleum in the long closet with window; the warehouse on the ground floor is devoid of flooring and is therefore present a mixture of cement; or walls plastered and painted to civil in all environments; tiled walls in the hygiene and food service; masonry in good state of repair and views storage in the warehouse on the ground floor; or interior doors in honeycomb wood; the bathroom wall is wood paneled and glass; or wooden exterior carpentry and double glazing; or dark wood. The toilet is equipped with the following health: water, bidet, sink and shower. The unit is equipped with electric off track system, water system, while it is free thermal plant. In view of the above the dwelling, in Overall, it presents current events in poor maintenance conditions.