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€, 49,000,000
спальни: 7 ванные комнаты: 7 половина_ванные комнаты: 324 mq
Ссылка. sr2017/105over - Villa PLEMMIRIO
спальни: 7 ванные комнаты: 7 половина_ванные комнаты: 324 mq
€, 26,900,000
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€, 7,800,000
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Ссылка. sr2017/009over - trivani vicino alla stazione
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€, 10,500,000
спальни: 1 ванные комнаты: 2 половина_ванные комнаты: 92 mq
Ссылка. sr2016/465over - trivani in borgata
спальни: 1 ванные комнаты: 2 половина_ванные комнаты: 92 mq
€ 4,800,000
спальни: ванные комнаты: половина_ванные комнаты: 30 mq
Ссылка. sr2016/460over - monovano ortigia
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€, 12,500,000
спальни: ванные комнаты: половина_ванные комнаты: 50 mq
Ссылка. sr2016/450over - Loft Ortigia
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€, 23,000,000
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Ссылка. sr2016/439over - semindipendente Umberto
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€, 7,000,000
спальни: 1 ванные комнаты: 2 половина_ванные комнаты: 106 mq
Ссылка. sr2016/432over - Villa Maremonti
спальни: 1 ванные комнаты: 2 половина_ванные комнаты: 106 mq

Дом продается в Сиракузы




Ortigia and the other side of Siracusa / World heritage site and a heritage for its tourists


Since far-off times Siracusa represented a very important stop for the travelers and till nowadays the city confirms its authenticity to the eyes of who passes by. Its archaeological, cultural and artistic heritage is a perfect synthesis of the whole history of Sicily: all the urban centre, world heritage site since 2005, offers to the passengers the sensation of travelling in far-off times without any stops.

You will be entranced by the importance of the Eurialo fortifications or by the "Apollo Temple", charmed by the columns of Tempio di Atena which are set as precious stones inside the Cathedral, intrigued by the myth of the beautiful Aretusa or the genius of Archimede, enchanted by the magic atmosphere of the Greek Theatre, one of the biggest and best-preserved one in the world where nowadays it is possible to relive the charm of the Greek plays. And yet, you will be entranced too by the "Latomie", rock quarries of the ancient Siracusa and the legendary Orecchio di Dionisio. All of this just to start giving you an idea of the city. Because visiting Siracusa is a non-stop alternation of emotions.

It is also possible to walk between the catacombs following the footprints of S. Paolo, and visiting the very modern Santuario della Madonna delle Lacrime and the places of S. Lucia martyrdom. The collection of museums in the city are really enviable: in the splendid exhibition centers of  Museo regionale Paolo Orsi you can admire the art and the masterpieces of the prehistory during the Roman era, while the Medieval collections and the Modern paints are located in the elegant Galleria di Palazzo Bellomo.

Also Archimede found back again his hometown in Siracusa. In the square which bears his name there is the Arkimedeion, an innovative multimedia museum dedicated to his life, his operas and the studies of the most famous man of Siracusa.



The Ortigia Island is the beating heart of the whole city: it's big just one square kilometer but it's a delightful treasure chest and there are natural beauties ready to amaze you. Temples, castles, ancient habitationsand baroque churches estabilish the charm of the small island dedicated to Artemide. Getting lost in its streets is very delightful and here you can feel all of these more than ever before.

Ortigia will stun you because it's on a human scale, because its calmness and by the small street market which is the city soul. Between the stalls of fruits, vegetables, cheese, typical products and fishes there is a perfect harmony of the colours, the taste and the perfumes of this dreamy town that you can live at night in the typical eating houses or elegant restaurants.

From the Aretusa terrace, mainly at the sunsets, you feel like dominate the entire city: the relics of the Greek Eurialo fortress, the Mount Etna, stopping and looking at the elegant Castello Maniace fortress, Southern terminal point of Ortigia which seems to caress the blue waves of the sea.

The undergrounds of Ortigia Ortigia stretches telling you the secrets of its citizen and treasure other ones: the “Bagno Ebraico” in the heart of the Medieval Giudecca, and the Ipogeo di Piazza Duomo, theatre of the news of the Second World War.



You can also get lost in the wavy Plemmirio, nowadays nature reserve, perfect stop for naturalisc excursions which is located not far from the sea areas of Siracusa, Arenella, Fontane Bianche, Ognina e Terrauzza.

Few kilometers far from the city another magic place to visit: "Fonte Ciane”, witness of the love between the beautiful nymph and Anapo. We advise you to climb up the river by ship, looking at some unique exemplars of Papiro till the source. There is still a good memory of Papiro in Siracusa, not only in the small museum museo but mostly in the handicrafts, which faithfully reproduce  the recipe of the ancient Egyptian, painting the beauty of the city by watercolours.

Siracusa is all of what you read and more: a nonstop discovery, around warm and welcoming citizen.

Typical products

A tradition that has been handed down in the name of modernity, with the help of techniques and sophisticated machinery, the typical crops of the identity of Syracuse. Among the most appreciated citrus and vegetable crops, as well as products greenhouses, and wine production. The Lemon of Syracuse also called "femminello", is a variety of citrus cultivated in a large area of the district.  Its production covers a quarter of the national and has been awarded the IGP. Syracuse boasts a DOC wine as well: the delicious Moscato, a white wine produced famous worldwide.


In Syracuse you can taste many specialties prepared with ingredients from the area. As main courses you can choose from pasta recipes with fresh tuna or other species of fish, or macaroni flavoured with pine nuts, walnuts, olives or toasted breadcrumbs in a pan. The sauce for pasta is strictly based on the tasty tomatoes from Pachino (IGP). Another typical dish of Syracuse is tuna steaks from ZA Cicca. It is made with tuna, cheese, bread crumbs, garlic, parsley, eggs and cloves. Other dishes are tuna sausage tuna and tuna stew with onions and peppers.



Speaking of crafts, memory takes us back to ancient crafts and the materials used, which by their specificity, have characterized the simple life of the time, and some we have, again, memory, as passed down from generation to generation. It is worth mentioning, the most typical craftsmen employed products of the soil, such as clay, which was used to produce pans, dishes, tableware, containers for food, tiles for the roofs and more. Even today, it is possible to see many examples of transformation of clay, painted with the traditional technique of working with the lathe foot, with which the modelled. In fact, after removing the clay from the quarries of Lentini and Siracusa, this was the first kneaded and crushed, for hours, barefoot and then be shaped, in different forms, creating, containers for storing oil, wine, food salted or in oil, water jugs, oil lamps and whatever was needed. The timber was also used for the production of cutlery and kitchen utensils, barrels for wine, furniture and furnishings for the home, and manual or animal drawn carts.


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