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Hotel Sobaria

€ 600.000

ссылкиHotel Sobaria

Small medieval town, in the most charming area of ​​Umbria at km. 2.00 from Monterchi and km. 10.00 from Città di Castello, located on a hill from which it dominates 360 ° the entire surrounding landscape and mainly the valley of the High Tiber. The ancient village, in which the splendid Rocca, the Palazzo Vitelli of 1400 and the Church of San Francesco of 1300 are of particular value, has preserved intact its original appearance with respect of the architectures of both the monumental buildings and the buildings of civil home of the time. The entire town has not been contaminated by modern buildings and has remained a serene oasis of great tranquility. The building insists on declining land consists of 4 floors starting from the garden floor at a lower level of ml. 600 approximately from the upper road from which the hotel has access