"Coronavirus e mercato immobiliare 2020, le previsioni di Wire Consulting"
Comprare casa all'estero, un trend in continua crescita che piace agli Italiani
Destinazione Dublino
Il Costa Rica: mercato complicato, ma dall'elevato potenziale
Intervista per Private: Perla delle Cicladi
Cinel per Private 2019
We are glad to share with you the article published in the Private Banking magazine for the month of July. Mr. Cinel, CEO of Wire, explains how Valencia, better known as the city of Arts and Sciences, is an interesting destination in this moment for the real estate market. Cinel contributes with his experience to analyze the solid fundamentals of this growing area.
Sole D'America
It is with pleasure to share with you the article published in the Private Magazine, specialized in the Private Banking, for the month of June. The place of interest this time is Miami and Mr. Cinel, CEO of Wire, describing which were the most important historical moments for the real estate market, analyzes today’s new scenario and offers attractive solutions and opportunities especially for medium-long term investors.
It is with pleasure to share with you the article-interview of Mr.Cinel, CEO of Wire, published in MilanoFinanza last Saturday 15 June. Teresa Campo, one of the most qualified journalist in the Real estate, offers an overview of the  Real Estate Market in London thanks to the support of Mr. Cinel, who outlines the positive trends and opportunities, despite the uncertainty of Brexit.
Intervista Cinel per Private
"Spotlight on the red city" Private Magazine Article based on a recent WIRE market research
"Spotlight on the red city" Private Magazine Article based on a recent WIRE market research
"Lights on the Red City" Study by WIRE Research Center
"Il valore degli edifici storici può dipendere da fattori come la stabilità strutturale, la rilevanza artistica e la complessità della trattativa"
"The queen of Cyclades" Article of Private in March based upon a study from WIRE
Mykonos is one of the most interesting European destinations to make a real estate investment outside of the Italian territory. Thanks to Mykonos' international attitude and its still inexpressed potential in term of prices we expect average prices to experience an increase of 10% in the next 3-5 years. Tourism in the insland is constantly increasing, causing the redditivity in case of renting to be one of the highest in Europe, being more than 8%. The strong presence of international buyers in Mykonos makes the island independent from the real estate situation of the whole Greece, making the Queen of Cyclades to be one of the best destinations to invest in real estate nowadays. 
"Il ponte dei sogni" Articolo uscito su Private basato su Centro Studi WIRE
New York è un evergreen per l’immobiliareBrooklyn è tra le aree con il più alto potenziale
Research on the London's real estate market and the possible Brexit consequences
A research conducted by WIRE Research Center regarding the actual situation of the London's real estate market and a view on the possible consequences of Brexit. 
Intervista al nostro A.D Angelo Cinel sugli investimenti all'estero uscita su Immobili & Co.
Articolo di MilanoFinanza basato su uno studio di WIRE Centro Studi riguardante l'anno 2019 in ambito immobiliare
La Ville Lumière, Article based on a study from WIRE Research Center, Private, Magazine
Article about the Paris real estate market Published on Market Insider
Real estate Market in Brooklyn- WIRE Consulting study center
Mr Angelo Cinel, C.E.O. of WIRE Consulting, speaks to "Marcopolo" about New York real estate market