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Wire Consulting is pleased to announce that has selected a highly qualified partner capable of offering impeccable service in the construction and management of real estate properties in one of the most charming and unique place in the North of Brazil. The area in question is Maceio and Alagoas region , one of the fastest growing countries where there is still scope to make great gains . The average on the appreciation over the last years was 15/18 % per year that in cities like Sao Paulo and Rio is no longer thinkable. An extremely attractive price per square meter that allows you to make small investment with great potential return . To say a few words about the area, Alagoas is one of the most driven to the growth as tourist destination thanks to the richness of its landscapes and nature reserves and Caribbean beaches , coral reefs is one of the largest in America. Maceio is the capital of Alagoas region caraterized by a high quality of life and services at the highest standards. Maceio in Brazil is one of the best place for family holidays, a healthy tourism that make this city a paradise in paradise Rich in amenities and services is well connected thanks to an international airport with daily flights

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